Involve. Educate. Fix.

Let's stop plastic going into the ocean.

A web-based litter-mapping game to generate Open Data for a healthier planet.

Littering has serious environmental consequences.

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The Good News?

This is something we can actually fix.
We empower you to communicate plastic pollution by mapping and opening up data on litter.

All of our data that passes verification can be viewed & downloaded by anyone for free.

What you need to do:

1. Create an Account

Choose from either a free or a paid account. With a free account you can upload 1 image per day and this allowance will increase as you play Open Litter Map and Level Up. All accounts gain experience points, unlock awards, level up + you may wish to compete in the leaderboards if you choose to go public. We use Stripe to securely process payments over an encrypted network and you can unsubscribe or re-subscribe with a click.

2. Capture geotagged images of litter

You may include as many litter items in 1 photo as you want but make sure each item is visible. You are the one who has the process them and they must pass verification.

3. Upload and process your images

Simply drop your images into our drop-box and we will extract the coordinates (Lat/Long) and timestamp (yyyy:mm:dd hh:mm:ss) from each image. Then tag litter on each image and submit each image for verification.

4. The Verification Process

Only images that the crowd or Admins allow to pass will be automatically included in the maps, charts and graphs. Users can vote True or False on each image and once the image achieves verification, it will move into "Stage One" verification. Admins will also check each image and once correct they will achieve the more trusted "Stage Two" level of verification. Once data reaches stage two we can delete the image and keep our costs as low as possible.

5. Gain Experience Points, Level Up, Unlock Awards and Achivements, and most importantly - Stop Plastic Going into the Ocean.

If you want to participate in the leaderboard, you must change your name to public in the privacy settings and wait for your images to be verified.